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CLARITAS is the leading UK based insight focused company, offering Due Diligence and Investigatory services, alongside cutting edge Forensic technologies.

We utilise new and innovative methods to meet your complex research requirements, made possible with the advent of ever increasing technical capabilities, employed by our experienced team of professional investigators.

“Our services can be applied to individuals or corporate entities anywhere on the globe”

Who we are

Our company was borne out of the need to harness the opportunity technology offers to save our clients both time and money getting to the data they need and identifying the key facts that matter.

CLARITAS is the UK’s channel partner for Magnet Forensics, a Canadian based company.

Magnet Forensics was born both out of necessity and humble roots. Offering an incredibly extensive digital investigation portfolio, as a Magnet partner, CLARITAS is proud to be able to support organisations that can count on their solutions to extract, analyse, and report on digital evidence in the most comprehensive and user-friendly way possible.

We are also one of the few partners licensed to sell GrayKey—an innovative tool that has helped investigators access unprecedented amounts of digital evidence from iOS devices and after continual evolution, Android devices.

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Our Services

Our clients are also adapting to the ever changing digital world, monitoring their own exposure in the digital world to ensure the best possible version is presented to the public and any risks are managed as soon as they arise.

With unprecedented Sanctions implemented on a scale never seen before, new and innovative methods must be considered and utilised in order to tackle these challenges in an effective and efficient manner.

Each individual case is taken on by an experienced former government investigator, usually with over 30 years of experience, in command of our extensive suite of technology solutions.

Every case is unique and a bespoke approach is taken every single time to ensure our clients experience a completely focussed approach in order to achieve their needs, quickly and expertly executed.

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There are five services available, four of which are focussed on Due Diligence, complimented by an optional social media profiling service.
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